North American Transmission & Distribution Group (NATDG) is a holding company and investment strategy to acquire and grow domestic companies that support mission-critical elements of the electric utility grid. NATDG was formed in March, 2013 and is led by industry veteran Dave Pacyna, former CEO of Siemens’ North American Transmission & Distribution division. Falfurrias’ first acquisition underneath NATDG was Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation (ITEC) based in Monroe, NC. ITEC is an original equipment manufacturer of instrument transformer products used by electric utilities and industrial customers. Falfurrias subsequently acquired Advanced Control Systems, Inc. (ACS) in February 2014. ACS manufacturers and delivers products and systems necessary to effectively control the generation, transmission, and distribution of power.

Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation (ITEC)

ITEC manufactures products for the electrical and electric utility industries in the United States and for export. ITEC’s products can be divided into two application areas: revenue metering and protective relaying. ITEC offers a broad variety of product designs well suited for voltage transformer and current transformer service areas. ITEC also offers various support and technical services relating to the application and in-service needs for instrument transformer products. More information about ITEC and its products can be found on its corporate website at

Advanced Control Systems (ACS)

Since 1975, ACS has been a major supplier of utility automation systems used throughout the world. ACS develops and implements supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, energy management systems, distribution management systems, and system components for electric, gas and water utilities. ACS is the only company currently capable of providing SCADA, DMS, OMS, and other applications in a single platform. By presenting utility customers with a cohesive system, the Company is positioned to provide all of that utility’s distribution automation needs. Furthermore, this single platform simplifies and streamlines a complex integration process for small and midsize utilities with limited operational resources. More information about ACS and its products can be found on its corporate website as

Falfurrias Capital Partners (FCP)

Falfurrias Capital Partners, founded by former Bank of America chairman and CEO Hugh McColl Jr. and former Bank of America Chief Financial Officer Marc D. Oken, is a Charlotte-based private equity investment firm focused on acquiring or investing in a diverse portfolio of middle-market companies operating in the southeastern U.S. By leveraging the extensive strategic and operational experience and business relationships of the firm’s principals, Falfurrias Capital Partners is positioned to be a value-added partner for both its portfolio companies and its limited partners. For more information, visit